Relevance . Resonance . Reason
"When I began putting paint to canvas in 2001, I had no idea what I was doing. It had been more than thirty years since I held a brush beyond the Navajo White that graced every home I lived in as an adult. It was the life changing aspects of my awakening awareness that created the opening for my true nature to burst forth with vibrancy that couldn’t hold itself inside anymore. Personal Evolution is my first paint on canvas endeavor. This experience has transformed my life!
Art has become so much more than simply a creative outlet. It is the education that voices my inner knowing. Learning early on I was experiencing more than creation, I began understanding elements not taught in any school. I have learned the intricacies of emotional frequency in vibration within the mind, body, soul, self…and colors!
Designs would come from dreams and meditations. I would contemplate Truth, Balance, Prosperity and more. Within days an image would appear that assisted in deeper knowing of their meanings and how their vibrational personalities - aka frequencies - played in life. As I would paint, the subject matter became experiential. Upon completion of each piece, opportunities to teach what I had learned were immediate.
When we allow it, art becomes the manifestation of who we are from the inside outward in full expression. Doing so with awareness in the moment of creation, connects the artist to the highest consciousness resonating within their inner core. Learning from this aware connection and sharing it purposely is experiential fulfillment.
Art is vibration in experience, expression and extension."

Ruth Evelyn
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